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May 11, 2005
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a gun to keep myself from harm by Muku a gun to keep myself from harm by Muku
Inspired by my current mood and new GorillaZ album. Yarrrr... The whole title should be "I need a gun to keep myself from harm..." but DA allows only short title space~

Some of us have a specific manner of playing the invisible instruments while listening to favourite songs. The whole super duper magic thing is that even someone who never even touched the guitar, piano, saxophone, drums etc. can become a real master of it. I play the invisible guitar, especially when I'm alone and can dance wearing pyjamas with my hair unkept like I havent seen brush for a month. But also many people who actually can play have that habit, but then it looks more..uhm..professional. Yes! They're much better PRETENDING to play than for example me, who can't play on anything but people nerves. Oh, forgive me my english, I wish it was better, I feel that the whole thing I wrote souds kinda crappy.

This piccy was raised while I was spliting my brain out, on geography lesson today, and it wasn't intentional, I was just doodling my mind out on paper and decided to ink it, and was kinda glad of the result, so decided to finish it and make a little dev art submition to show you that I'm not dead yet. Even if I look like a zombie. Aaah. Need to sleep. I don't know who she is. It seems I mixed in one bowl Chezterfield and myself. And this is the result. Yarr! I kinda like the hands. Sorry for submitting shitties.

Hope I Improved a little since last year >_<; Ayay!

(in the background)Noodles(c)Gorillaz - only drawn by me, I wish I could create sucha great characters! Ay

:zombie: muku
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1-JD Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
The line SHOULD actually be

"I need a gun to keep myself AMONG"

Its anti-war.

kool piccy thho gorillaz are the best <3
imagination1989 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2005   Traditional Artist
ale ta dziolcha ma chude nogi .... :)
praca ladna , podoba mi sie :)
n-m-rotten Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2005
masz niesamowity styl
bitte-nein Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005
thats hot for seriously. ♥
glOOmyPOP Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2005
kickass [inks]+colourssss
[pose]+[expression]+[pinkish marks on hands+face] rockkkk

infactttt this goes straight to the +favcave
rurouni-lu Featured By Owner May 20, 2005
Your coloring is so fun O: Somehow
grungepuppy Featured By Owner May 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
holy fantastic irony! i was listening to that song right as i saw this image.

but then again, when am i not listening to gorillaz...

ANYWHO, lovely image. as well as the rest of your gallery. very nice.
Rahead Featured By Owner May 19, 2005
ZNAM TEGO KROLIKA! mial go 2D na koszulce ^^ Swietna kolorytyka i jej mina ^^
AryintheAmbulance Featured By Owner May 13, 2005
Oh man, that's fab!
Haha, I love the pose. And her expresion, I can totaly relate.
Only thing I dislike- the noodle pictures in the background look reeealy pixley. It kinda throws the background off.
But the shading on her pants is to die for!
XLambOfGodX Featured By Owner May 12, 2005   Digital Artist
this is amazing...lovely title aswell :)
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